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We challenged our TOP PERFORMING TUTORS from all the TOP UNIVERSITIES in the country to share their crazy, out of the box study tips... 

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What to expect:

Time Management Tips That work

You'll learn how some of the top tutors manage their time and deal with PROCRASTINATION!

How To deal with stress

When stress can't be avoided, how do you manage it so that you can still pass your tests and exams?

how to (Really) get distinctions

Ever wondered what the smart kids do to get distinctions that you're not doing when you get home?

and much more...

From YELLOW ROOMS to SUSHI DIETS, there's a study tip for every personality or learning style!

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JUR 120 (91%), KRM 120 (87%)


Math 114 (91%), Info Sys 112 (97%)


BES 220 (87%), COS 131 (82%)


GER 111 (86%), PSY 112 (87%)


COSC6212 (93%), BMNG6211 (87%)


MIC 252 (86%), STA 151 (85%)


EKN 110 (95%), STK 110 (82%)


PSYC 121 (95%), STATS 111 (95%)
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