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Learn in the comfort of your own home or from anywhere, side by side with a tutor on a world class platform. 123tutors' Online Tutoring service in South Africa allows you to find the perfect tutor for you or your child. Beautiful isn't it?

What Our Students Say

Wentzel - High School
Math Student
Amazing! I found this session a lot more fun and "educational" than actually being in the classroom.
Raynhardt - 1st Year 

Engineering Student (Tuks)
The session was structured really well. Johannes managed to make time for theory explanation as well as practice, which really helped me.
Indrajeet - High School 

Math Student
Amazingly flexible. I gained a lot more confidence after the first session and with increase in confidence, my grades also increased.
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Video Courses

High School | University
123tutors fully structured online courses of the entire syllabus from top tutors to help you learn online at your own schedule!
Starting at R100!
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Praise of The Video Courses

Jennifer - WTW 258 Student

From 47% to 76% for WTW 258 thanks to 123tutors videos. I really want to thank you guys and especially the tutor! She helped me so much!
Greg - MPR Student

I went into the MPR sick test with 42 and I came out with 68 and Iiterally learned the whole syllabus off your videos.

I got 94 in the sick exam
Taygen - MPR Student

I highly rate these videos, they improved my marks by 4 times! I went from failing to getting a distinction

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Study Notes

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Summarized notes covering the entire syllabus. You can't lose these notes and you can search for important information!
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