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Courtney MurphyCourtney Murphy
10:15 08 Nov 22
My experience with 123tutors was exceptional. The... administrative process was fluid as I was placed with a tutor almost immediately. The fact that I could be tutored in the comfort of my own home was the first green flag. My tutor- Ameerah Pangarker was extremely patient with me and organised. The tutoring encouraged me to keep up to date with my coursework and prepare for tests and exams timeously. The extra perks were the additional resources that were provided to me, which is limited for BUS3004S. The driving factor behind my timeous and continuous work ethic was the concise notes with imperative examples made by my tutor, which 100% assisted me for my tests, quizzes and my exam. Which I wrote confidently.I definitely recommend 123tutors!read more
Jordan PillayJordan Pillay
07:31 20 Aug 22
Comparative rates. Good tutors who have... experience. Be sure to specify the type of help you needread more
sufyaan gafoorsufyaan gafoor
12:11 14 Jul 22
A professional service that provides quality... tutors. Highly recommended! David has helped me achieve a distinction pass and a 95% pass for my final research portfolio.read more
Selma LotterSelma Lotter
08:12 11 May 22
Vivian has been a wonderful Maths tutor who is... willing to assist and adjust as the need may be to help my daughter understand and advance in her maths. The registration and assignment of a tutor to us was very professional and quick, and the experience has been super from start to date.read more
Lorelei BothaLorelei Botha
09:54 25 Jan 22
The tutor was very professional and took her time... to explain everything about the subject I was struggling with. She was kind and made me feel very comfortable. My CAT finals went up by 15% with only 5 hours of lessons.read more
Angelique RossouwAngelique Rossouw
17:26 22 May 21
Shaaira was extremely helpful in assisting me.... She help me fill learning gaps I was struggling on. She was punctual, warm and friendly. She also went out her way to provide extra resources such as last papers she felt could assist me in my learning process. All in all, I recommend her to anyone who is considering her as a tutor.read more

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