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What Our Students Say

Wentzel - High School
Math Student
Amazing! I found this session a lot more fun and "educational" than actually being in the classroom.
Raynhardt - 1st Year 

Engineering Student (Tuks)
The session was structured really well. Johannes managed to make time for theory explanation as well as practice, which really helped me.
Indrajeet - High School 

Math Student
Amazingly flexible. I gained a lot more confidence after the first session and with increase in confidence, my grades also increased.
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Pricing Table

Varsity Vibe 1 on 1 Tutoring Discounted Hourly Rates
All University Modules | 1st Year to Post Grad


University/College 1st & 2nd Year
R295/h - 3 Hour Package
R287/h - 5 Hour Package
R280/h - 10 Hour Package
R273/h - 15 Hour Package
R265/h - 20 Hour Package
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University/College 3rd Year+
R319/h - 3 Hour Package
R312/h - 5 Hour Package
R306/h - 10 Hour Package
R299/h - 15 Hour Package
R293/h - 20 Hour Package
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