NMC 113/123: Materials Science

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NMC113/123 Video Course Content

• Chapter 3 Video 1-3 (The structure of crystalline solids -Metallic Crystal Structures)
o Cubic (SC), FCC
o Coordination number
o Number of atoms
o Atomic packing factor
o Density Computation in metals
o Linear and Planar density
• Chapter 4: Video 4 (Solidification and crystalline imperfections in Solids)
o Crystalline Imperfection Point defect
o Grain size measurement (ASTM Method, Linear Intercept Method)
• Chapter 5: Video 5-8 (Diffusion in solids)
o Steady-state diffusion
o NonSteady-state diffusion
• Chapter 6: Video9-12 (Mechanical properties of metal and alloys)
o Introduction
o Stress and strain in metals
o Elastic moduli and poisson ratio
o The modulus of resilience
o Tensile test
o Properties from tensile test
o True stress and strain
o The use of a safety factor
• Class-Test 1-2019
o Chapter 1 to Chapter 5
• Semester Test 1-2019
o Chapter 1-5
• Semester Test 2 Q1-Q2
o Chapter 6
• Chapter 7 Video 13-15(Plastic deformation, strengthening, and recrystallization of metals)
o Analysis of the slip mechanism
o Slip systems
o Slip in single crystals

o Deformation in polycrystalline metals

o Mechanism of strengthening in metals
o Recovery, Recrystallization, Grain Growth
o Examples Problems from Online Sources
• Chapter 8 Video 16-19 (Phase diagrams transformations and heat treatment)
o Phase diagrams
o Binary Phase diagram
o Development of microstructure in Fe-C alloys (Eutectoid, hypereutectoid, and
o Cooling and heating curve during phase transformation
o Heat treatment of steels
• Tutor Questions
o Chapter 8
• Chapter 9 Video 20-25 (Failure of Metals)
o Ductile and brittle fracture
o Toughness and impact test; Charpy test; Ductile to Brittle transition
o Fracture toughness of metals
o Failure under cyclic stress: Fatigue
o Fatigue testing: S-N curve
o Basquin’s law, Goodmans Rule and Miners Rule
o Creep: Deformation at high temperatures
o Stress and temperature effects
o Creep mechanism: Diffusional creep and power-law creep
o Creep mechanism map
o Problem Examples from Tutor Questions
• Chapter 10 Video 26-29 (electrical properties of metals)
o Conduction (Conductivity & Resistivity in Conductors)
o Semiconductor types: Intrinsic semiconductors
o Extrinsic semiconductors: n and p-type semiconductors
o The temperature dependence of carrier concentration

o Example Problems from Class Questions

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