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Reassessing Resources

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Hi there. Yes, you. I’m talking to you. No Google. No cheating. I’m watching. Tell me the answers to these questions.

1. How many nostrils do you have? (it’s not 2)

2. True or false: chameleons change colour according to their emotional state?

3. What does the moon smell like?

4. What is the driest place on Earth?

Before you narrow your eyes asking where the answers are, they hidden throughout the blog post in their coordinating colour. Now, I have another question for you: If I didn’t provide the answers below, where would you find them?

Access to information and knowledge in this digital age is easy and immediate. But the quality of this information should always be analysed. On a daily basis we interact with a myriad of sources, with varying degrees of accuracy and reliability. Ensuring this data is authentic and useful, can shape our lives and the true extent of our knowledge base.

Google. Bing. Yahoo. These are probably a few of the most well known search engines that you have interacted with, but they only connect you to sources. Their search results don’t guarantee accuracy. You’ve got to ensure that whatever source you use is the real deal. Using your school or university’s library services is a great start. Your institution pays a lot of money 4 you to have access to these resources; specifically, online databases with peer-reviewed journals etc. You should be well acquainted with all of these available options.

But whilst an in depth research study or academic paper may be useful for assignments and projects, where do you go if you don’t understand something? Online content is highly useful… if you can teach yourself. While it’s true that self-studying can be impressive, it is not always effective and is often highly frustrating.

This is where 123tutors comes in (queue the fireworks, gunpowder and magic). Very often the solution lies in being taught or using fantastic resources. Lecturers and teachers often don’t have the time to go over subject matter that is tailored to individual needs. This is most likely heightened due to COVID-19, which has disrupted aspects of everyone’s lives (unless you live in Antarctica).

So how can 123tutors help?

We offer services that support a diverse range of students; at both High School and University level.

For those that do enjoy a self-study style of learning, our collection of notes in an array of subjects are recommended. They provide comprehensive content, making the subject easy to grapple with and understand.

For those who prefer auditory and visual learning, our video courses are a great way for students to go through content at their own pace.

Moreover, a 24/7 WhatsApp support group is available as well as free resources to ensure learning is maximised.

Play. Learn. Repeat!

Finally, for those seeking tailored teaching and human interaction, that is engaging and impactful, our 1 on 1 online tutoring platform is a must. We can’t wait to teach you again in person, but until then…

…our experienced tutors and impeccable online platform await!

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