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Lockdown Your Learning

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We find ourselves in a turbulent time where Wi-Fi is interwoven into daily exchanges and anything digital, dominates discussions. COVID-19 has altered lives on a global scale; causing widespread uncertainty. The academic sphere is no different, as schools and universities across South Africa have been physically closed. By now, the delight of children and young adults has probably turned into concern.

Enter online learning: fashionably late but nonetheless in the spotlight. For many institutions, exclusive online teaching is a relatively new concept. Students and educators alike require patience and adaptability during this period of disruption and adjustment. Although this promises a greater degree of understanding, it doesn’t change the fact that marks still matter.

Yes, of course. Look at those arrows saying ‘yes’ and ‘duh’. In some instances, the standard of online learning may feel unsatisfactory compared to contact teaching within a classroom or lecture setting. Whether students are struggling with the learning material itself or the foreign format it is presented in, 123tutors is equipped to help. By providing support and scaffolding to students, your learning experience does not have to be compromised (queue the confetti).

You are able to book online lessons in a range of school and university subjects from interactive and knowledgeable tutors. Our other services we provide include:

123tutors therefore enables you to succeed academically, from the safety of your screen. This is important as our National Lockdown requires collaboration in order to be effective and reduce the loss of life.

Now for the big question…

You probably have encountered the basic health guidelines regarding

COVID-19; wash your hands, cover your nose and mouth, don’t panic-

buy goods, social distance and stay home, don’t eat all the quarantine

snacks etc. But what does this actually mean for education?

Our president recently announced that our national lockdown will end in a phased approach, ranging from levels five to one. This means that there will probably be a staggered return to the classroom in an attempt to resume contact lessons and salvage the academic year.

The Official Government Website provides a detailed breakdown of the various lockdown levels and their respective rules. It can be accessed on Other interesting articles can be read on Business Insider and News24, amongst others. Also, because 123tutors cares about you (sending virtual hugs): a reminder to always use credible sources and we wary of fake news.

A phased return to the classroom assumes that everything proceeds according to plan and that there is no exponential increase in cases or second wave of infection. Nobody panic. 123tutors will be here, through every cough, splutter, lockdown level and academic assessment.

Students that have already used our services during lockdown have expressed their contentment:

Our online tutoring platform can also be seen below:

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