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How Do You Study Effectively?

Each learner has specific needs and requires highly tailored and individualised study habits (aka there is no finite list or strict guidelines set out).

Our 8 suggestions have been compiled using a myriad of sources, plus a few of our own insights and ideas.

The source list below co-ordinates with the coloured circles (O O O O O) in our numbered list of 8 effective study methods. This is to show how some of these points appear in more than once source, which is important!

Tailored 123tutors suggestions

Remember, you need to discover what works best for you!

Here are our 8 suggested effective study methods:

1. Have an organised schedule/timetable O O O

Keeping track of deadlines, assignments and tests is a vital aspect of leading a productive life. This ensures greater time management capabilities and structure.

Are all your due dates in a calendar? Do you have a daily work planner?

2. Study in structured

shifts O O

Studying related but slightly different content (within a subject) is also effective. This way you are exposed to numerous problems that can be asked in test scenarios.

Set manageable study periods with short breaks in-between. You shouldn’t lose concentration in these periods.

Did you start daydreaming?

3. Reduce distractions O O

Technology is almost everywhere and it can be distracting. Put your phone in another room. If listening to music works for you; make sure you aren’t singing along and splitting your focus (try something classical for a change).

Self-control is essential!

4. Positive attitude O O O

Studying with a focused and motivated mind frame is essential. As discussed in a previous post, 1 2 3 Repeat!’, you need to be deliberate and open minded towards your studies.

Are you calm, positive and engaging when you work?

5. Change up your space O O

A simple action of changing your study space can go a long way! Learning material in more than one environment engages your brain and enhances neurological connections. We also suggest a fresher and cooler environment as warm rooms and sitting on beds often lead to sleepiness.

Try work outside for a change!

6. Quality Learning materials O O O O

Note taking skills and quality of resources are linked to higher academic achievement. Your study materials need to be concise and add value. 123tutors offers a variety of study notes in a range of subjects.

Are your notes enough?

7. Try teach the content O

You can confirm this with our tutors: if you can teach someone else to understand the work, you’ve got it. This level of acquaintance with your subjects will translate in tests and exams.

Not making the best teacher? Proceed to 8.

8. Reach out for help O O

Asking questions, receiving feedback and getting help from teachers and tutors is a key aspect of academic growth. If you are struggling and don’t reach out, you remain static and undermine your full potential.

123tutors is the perfect place to get help!

We offer study notes, 1 on 1 tutoring and pre-recorded video courses.


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