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Updated: Jul 6

Say the COLOUR not the word:

green blue purple pink yellow

Don’t panic! You probably felt strange, your answers were hesitant and this made you feel uneasy. You see, your brain is hardwired to override you.

The answer is: pink, green, yellow, blue, pink.

Try it again but practice a few times first by saying: pink, green, yellow, blue, pink.

Now it should be a lot easier. This probably frustrated some of you at first, but stick with me for the analogy. I’m sure you have encountered the saying ‘practice makes perfect’- (cue the eye rolls). It has been overused and become a cliché. But its basic premise has merit.

Practice and experience are key factors in increasing your chances of success. They probably won’t guarantee perfection (if it even exists), but they will help you achieve excellence - if you are dedicated to your craft, sport or academic subject.

At the heart of practice is repetition. So reading over your notes once before a test, usually won’t cut it (sorry). You need to absorb as much as possible in the lessons given by your school or university and then go over the content afterwards. Many. Many. Many. Many. Many (okay I think you get it) times.

So for fun, try again.

Say the COLOUR not the word:

green blue purple pink yellow

BUT: Reading over something 100 times isn’t helpful if you still don’t understand the work or aren’t absorbing the concept. Plus, the content of a matric exam or chemical engineering semester test will definitely be more complex than this example…

Moreover, repetition is only effective if it is deliberate, according to an article by the American Psychology Association [Brabeck, M., & Jeffrey, J. 2010, February 16. Practice for knowledge acquisition (not drill and kill)]. Students therefore need to actively focus when practicing content and be invested in the task. If you are interested you can read more at:

So what do you do when repetition isn’t working? (Besides, you aren’t studying to become a parrot).

You may need extra scaffolding, assistance or explanations. Using the accessible and affordable services 123tutors has on offer, shows that you are taking a deliberate stance on improving your academics. Our tutors have already mastered their respective fields with hours of practice and are eager to impart this knowledge on you.

But more than that, we hope to ignite your curiosity and get you to engage with the content. Your studies should be memorable; not because you spent numerous hours practicing something. The use of the 123tutors resources will also ensure that your learning is noteworthy and seamless, leaving you with increased time for hobbies and recreation.

Okay, last time.

Say the COLOUR not the word:

purple pink green blue yellow

Yes, I changed it up (answer: yellow, blue, pink, green, pink).

You weren’t expecting that? I’m just keeping you on your toes. 123tutors strives to ensure that you are flexible, responsive and ready for anything that could pop up in a test or an exam (practical test preparation is a key part of our lessons).

Therefore: once you understand your subject’s content, then you need to practice it many times and know how to apply it.

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