How To Productively Procrastinate

Posted by 123tutors on September 27, 2020

Taking breaks when studying is inevitable. It is also an important part of having a healthy working schedule. But, when these 15-minute rest periods turn into 5 episodes on Netflix, our productivity is at risk.

Below we have seven suggestions of how to make the most of your time when you need a break or simply do not feel like working. We call it productive procrastination!

o Intelligent Breaks

Take a moment of learning. Swap out watching series for a documentary, a podcast or a Ted Talk. We live in a world of instantaneous access- make use of it. You can also take this moment to get on top of your admin.

Try this: watch something educational, update your CV or create a LinkedIn profile.

o Creative Corner

Do an activity that brings you a little slice of joy. This could be a hobby like journaling, photography, writing, art, music, or planning your business model etc. This is meant to be something that reduces your stress and makes you happy.

Some inspiration: use other ideas or creations as a springboard or muse.

o Active Procrastination

Being active is not for everyone. For those that enjoy fitness: try a full workout. For those that don’t: go for a short walk or try beginner’s yoga. Another option is to simply sit outside.

Our suggestion: download one of the many free fitness apps (there are ones from major sport brands) or find a YouTube instructor.

o Reach Inwards

You have probably heard the term “self-care”. But this is not only about glamourizing face masks and aesthetic wellness. It’s about taking a mental health moment.

Mediation is a great way to centre yourself: Click here to access The New York Time's Guide on how to meditate.

o Reach Out

Make yourself aware of what is happening in the world. Check various different news channels, sign a petition, donate, volunteer etc. Or connect with old friends or a grandparent (I give you permission to use your phone). According to a Harvard study, the leading cause of happiness is meaningful relationships.

Watch the full Ted Talk here.

o Tidy Your Procrastination Space

A Tidy Room is a Tidy Mind. Organization is key. Clean up your study space. A tidy and cleanly environment is not only linked to heightened productivity but also with improved overall health.

Here Psychology Today explains the power of cleanliness.

o Schedule When To Procrastinate

Stop doodling on your notes. Stop staring at the wall. Schedule your study hours or goals (these can range from the rest of the day to the rest of the year). Work backwards from your deadline. Can you afford to be procrastinating?

A recommendation: Book a 123tutors lesson for a time on your newly created schedule.

By effectively using your time (even when you don’t feel like working) you can be highly productive. So if you are going to procrastinate you might as well do it in a constructive way. We look forward to you booking those new lessons with us!

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