Decoding Degree And Career Myths

Posted by 123tutors on September 27, 2020

Let’s play a game of true or false as we try debunk commonly held misconceptions about a few university degrees and subjects. This is especially relevant to those looking to enter tertiary education sometime in the future. The answers are in the pictures...

Psychology is all about reading people’s minds or solely focusing on serial killers.

Psychology largely focuses on mental health and mental illness. This can range from eating disorders, schizophrenia, personality disorders, ADHD and more. It is also separate from psychiatry (which requires a medical degree). So if you are invested in the wellbeing and mental health of people, consider taking this subject, getting into honours and later qualifying as a psychologist. .

Law is all about dressing up and public speaking in a formal space.

You may eventually do this later in your career as an advocate or an attorney with the right of appearance. But, the majority of the legal field consists of paperwork and going over legal documents in fine detail. Those that are great at debating- don’t despair. You will eventually get to show this skill off, but in a specified setting.

Computer Science does not require IT at school.  

You can learn all the fundamentals of coding in Computer Science without any prior experience in programming. All these core concepts will be covered in 1st year. If this is something that you are interested in, it still remains a viable option, even without prior experience.

A Journalism Degree is the only way to get the correct experience.

Journalism degrees are sparse in South Africa. As an alternative, consider joining your university’s newspaper, if a degree is not an option. This way you can get a wealth of experience, immerse yourself in your university’s affairs and connect with new people. This can also all be done whilst studding a vastly different degree.

Studying Engineering means you get dirty

Engineers frequently work in offices and solve complex problems (ones that usually don’t have existing solutions). As a result, this degree will often rely on mathematics and equations. Additionally, there are various types of engineering, ranging from chemical to electrical, amongst others. This is also a field that has a distinct lack of women. We encourage more to sign up.

Whatever your passion or field of interest, 123tutors will be there to facilitate your academic growth. Book a lesson now to reach your full potential and hopefully achieve the marks to get into your university or degree of choice.

Keep a lookout for a blog post in the future about more decoded degree and career myths.

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