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    Frequently asked questions

    What are your product offerings?

    Primary, High School & University Tutoring
    Online tutoring and In-person 1 on 1 tutoring.
    Online and In-person group tutoring (1 to 5 students).
    Bursary tutoring (1 on 1, groups, Master Classes)

    Where is 123tutors based?

    123tutors was founded in the heart of Gauteng, Pretoria, South Africa. We do not have physical offices for sessions, we are an online based company servicing all major cities across South Africa.

    Our headquarters: 2 Fir Street, Cape Town, Observatory, Western Cape, 7925.

    If you would like to reach us, give us a call/WhatsApp us please use our whatsapp helpline: +27 68 372 0693
    or Email:

    Where do you offer tutoring?

    We offer university tutoring at all major South African Universities – UP, UJ, WITS, NWU, Stellies, UCT, NMU, UFS, UL, TUT and many more.
    For primary and high school learners we service most of the major cities across South Africa, if tutors are available to travel or do online tutoring.

    Where does the tutoring take place?

    Tutoring is either conducted in-person or online.

    University tutoring, students are encouraged to meet the tutors on their campus (library/ study centre/ communal areas etc.). Alternatively the tutor can travel to the students university residential location.

    For primary and high school tutoring the tutor travels to the student’s residence/school and tutoring takes place at the desired premises.

    What are your rates for 1 on 1 tutoring?

    When does a student get assigned a tutor?

    After you have formally requested a tutor from our website (Click "Get a Tutor" and submitted form), person responsible for payment will receive an invoice. Once the invoice has been paid and proof of payment has been emailed to us –, we will connect student with the tutor via email.

    We also do offer meet & greets! Meaning you can meet your allocated tutor before you book your tutoring. After you have requested a tutor on our website (Click "Get a Tutor" and submitted form), please whatsapp or email us at to organize a meet & greet with your tutor.

    Can I know the marks that the tutor obtained for the subjects he/she tutors?

    Unfortunately due to the POPI Act, we cannot disclose any personal information of the tutor. However, should the student/ parent wish to know, once the tutor is allocated, they can ask the tutor personally to disclose his/her academic achievement for said module.

    How does the tutoring service work?

    We provide tutoring according to the packages as listed on the website ie. 3 hours, 5 hours, 10 hours, 15 hours, 25 hours. Tutors tutor students based on their needs, which are evaluated on a lesson by lesson basis.

    When student's hours run - just book more quickly on website (Click "Get A Tutor"), pay using the unique reference and your allocated tutor will be notified that you have booked more tutoring hours!

    We also offer a month-to-month tutoring solution where student gets a set number of hours to use each month.

    What happens to hours that a student is left with?

    We credit the student’s remaining hours after each semester/ year to be carried over into the next semester/ year to use for tutoring. Only graduates who are left with remaining hours are eligible for a refund at the end of the month of the respective year.

    Please do take note that all used hours expire after 12 months of purchase, so please do use all your hours with your tutors as soon as you can.

    How does the lesson scheduling work?

    We don’t schedule the lessons, that is up to the student and tutor to discuss with one another to decide on when, where and how long the lessons should be.

    Does the student need to use all the hours at once?

    No, it is completely up to the student how he/she wants to split up the hours of the purchased package, it can for example be 1 hour each week, 30 minutes every day, 2 hours twice a week etc.

    For primary and high school in-person tutoring we advise that lessons should be a minimum of 2 hours to justify the tutors travelling expense.

    What happens if the student's hours run out and he/she wants to add more?

    When student's hours run - just book more quickly on website (Click "Get A Tutor"), pay using the unique reference and your allocated tutor will be notified that you have booked more tutoring hours!

    Too much admin refilling in form again? No worries! Student can simply send us a WhatsApp informing us how many hours he/she requires. Our admin will fill out a form for student, and person responsible for payment will receive an invoice via email, once paid we will inform the tutor of the additional hours to be added.

    If student purchases more hours, can he/she still be placed with the same tutor?

    Yes, unless you have indicated otherwise, we allocate the new hours to the same tutor.

    Do you do refunds?

    We do not issue refunds, we only provide you with credit to use on future requests. In the event that the student is a final year student or is no longer studying/in school we can issue a refund where a R200 refund fee is deductible.

    However, should we not be able to place a suitable tutor with the student due to tutor unavailability or mismatch, we will gladly refund you the invoice amount that was paid.

    What if student is unhappy with the allocated tutor?

    Our policy is simple, you only pay for the lessons that the student benefits from. Therefore, should the student be unhappy, student reviews the tutor with provided review link, then the tutor must either redo the lesson free of charge or we allocate a new tutor to take over at no extra cost.

    Can the student meet the tutor before payment is made?

    No unfortunately not, we can only connect the student and tutor once full payment has been received.

    Are the tutors screened?

    Yes. Before a tutor is allocated, we thoroughly screen them to ensure that they meet the requirements set by the company to be able to tutor said module/subject.

    Does the tutor have his/her own resources?

    We do not provide our tutors with any additional resources/material for tutoring sessions, the tutor must either make use of his/her own resources or ask the student to send resources in order to adequately prepare.

    How soon can I start with my lessons?

    After you have been connected with the tutor you should allow the tutor at least 24 hours to adequately prepare for the lessons ahead.

    How long does it take to get allocated a tutor after payment?

    Once we have received and processed the proof of payment for the tutor request, it can take up to 72 hours to get allocated to a tutor.

    Where can I see reviews for 123tutors? 

    You can find testimonials on our website, on our Facebook page or on our Instagram page.

    What happens if I'm unhappy with something?

    You can email, call or reach us on WhatsApp any time if you have any questions, we will gladly assist.
    Admin operating hours: Monday – Sunday 08:00 – 17:30.

    Mon to Fri
    Mon to Fri | 08h00 to 17h00

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