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September 27, 2020
How To Productively Procrastinate

Taking breaks when studying is inevitable. It is also an important part of having a healthy working schedule. But, when these 15-minute rest periods turn into 5 episodes on Netflix, our productivity is at risk. Below we have seven suggestions of how to make the most of your time when you need a break or […]

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September 27, 2020
Decoding Degree And Career Myths

Let’s play a game of true or false as we try debunk commonly held misconceptions about a few university degrees and subjects. This is especially relevant to those looking to enter tertiary education sometime in the future. The answers are in the pictures... Psychology is all about reading people’s minds or solely focusing on serial […]

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September 27, 2020
Choosing The Right Degree

Entering university is the next step in education for many people and sometimes it can be a difficult path. Often it is restricted by finances (somewhere a textbook is smirking), insufficient marks (try a tutor) and conflict with parents (ouch). Swapping degrees and choosing the correct one is usually where this tension arises. 123tutors would […]

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