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1 on 1 Tutoring Hourly Rates
All High School Subjects | Grade 8 to 12
All University Modules | 1st Year to Post Grad

High School Tutoring

R250/h - 5 Hour Package
R246/h - 10 Hour Package
R243/h - 15 Hour Package
R237/h - 20 Hour Package
R231/h - 30 Hour Package
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University Tutoring

R230/h - 5 Hour Package
R227/h - 10 Hour Package
R224/h - 15 Hour Package
R218/h - 20 Hour Package
R212/h - 30 Hour Package
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Give your child their confidence back

Our Philosophy

Ignite curiosity

The tutor aims to improve the student's attitude towards the subject by igniting the student's curiosity by explaining the 'why' behind what they learning with
practical applications.

Optimize study methods

The tutor helps the student optimize their study methods during the 1 on 1 lessons. This is so that they're less stressed and more efficient when studying on their own for big tests.

Accelerate test readiness

123tutors accelerate the student's learning with a blend of theory and application questions in line with the most challenging test/exam questions.

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